Text display lags behind typing on old laptop

Things I have tried

Disabling community plugins.
Disabling all internal plugins.
Running a new vault in sandbox mode.
Disabling Windows antivirus features including real time monitoring.
Disabling HP bloatware.
Checking CPU wasn’t being used by other processes in task manager.
Tested between a gaming PC, a Galaxy A52 Android phone and a HP Envy 14-K124TX from 2012.

What I’m trying to do

Type text and have it appear instantly like in other word processors, instead of text appearance lagging behind my typing.

Hullo. Does anyone know why I am experiencing a performance difference between sandbox mode and disabling all core and community plugins?

It runs beautifully on my Windows 10 beefy PC and perfectly fine on my A52 phone. However, there is a lot of display lag between my typing on the old 2012 laptop and text appearing on screen. This doesn’t occur in Notepad, Notepad++, Word or Scrivener. I tried disabling all plugins including core plugins and found that the problem still occurred.

I type fairly quickly and text will appear a half second or so behind my typing, sometimes appearing in bursts rather than letter by letter.

However the latency issue was not present (or was not significantly noticeable) when I ran a vault in sandbox mode.

I’ve read that Obsidian could still work on very old machines, and would be very keen on finding a way to improve performance with regards to when text appears vs when I type it.

Thank you.

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