Text disappearing while editing?

Things I have tried

While editing notes change and disappear :frowning: .

While I am writing and editing text/folding curtains/checkboxes in my dayly planner and even normal notes. The text in the document sometimes bugs out and when I type or even try to select text, previous text changes and/or disappears.
Sometimes 3 red dots shows up, I dont know why, maybe thats indicating something? Also I frequwntly can’t remove checkboxes and folding curtains automatically show up in places I don’t want them to be.

I was searching the forum and google, couldn’t find anything on this topic.

As you probably can understand, this is a bit annoying :sweat_smile:. I’m hoping that some of you know how to solve this issue.

I have the same problem too, as video below:

I have reinstalled ob to version 13.23 and turned off all plugins, but this problem always exists.

And the dev console reported an error like this:

I also get informed to check my console to learn more about the problem. Thing is, I dont know what the console is or how to open it and from where, hehe. :sweat_smile:

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