Text Coloring Plugin full Release

Hi Everyone,

I’m proud to finally present the full release of my “Fast Text Color” plugin.
You can now install it as a community plugin.

This plugin allows you to comfortably color text in obsidian with a fully integrated custom syntax wich means you will not have to rely on html tags. It works well with other obsidian/ markdown syntax and works well in live preview mode.

You can create predefined colors and themes wich can then be applied using their identifier.

Syntax example:

~={red} this text will be red =~

Since the coloring of the text is done in CSS the plugin also features other formatting options like bold, italic, underline and more.


To allow for fast addition of the colors you can use the keyboard-centric menu that allows binding keys to the chosen color. To apply a color simply run the command “change text color”.

Please try it out and let me know what you think. I am open to suggestions and feature requests.


In my vault i just installed this. It also gives me a Color option when i right click on highlighted text which then applies the technique you describe here. You don’t mention this in the description but it’s a better way than having to go to the commands pallette and type. Good plug-in though!


Hi there,
great work, very handy,
unhappily it seems to have some issues with rendering dataview tables in embedded notes,
I can’t guess how it happens but the issue gone when uninstalled the coloring plugin


This seems really promising! I’ve been wanting something like this since I started using Obsidian and I really love the keyboard-centric aspect of it.

It would be really nice if you could configure a text style to add a particular CSS class that could be customized in a CSS snippet, or to be able to just input CSS in the plugin settings, though I think doing it in a snippet would be more powerful since you could potentially combine it with other selectors to show different styling in different containers/contexts.

Seems there are still a number of bugs to be worked out; I noticed if I format text within a list item and switch to Reading mode it adds a colored background to the note contents and doesn’t format the delimited text properly. I’m using the Neo theme FWIW.

Live Preview:

Reading Mode:

Are you looking for javalent/markdown-attributes: Add attributes to elements in Obsidian (github.com) ?

Thank you very much for this plugin, it is very good

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I am apperently not able to use the keyboard because I can’t find out how to do this. Is there something like a shortcut or a hotkey?

Thanks in advance.