Text Coloring Plugin (BETA)

Hi Everyone, Im proud to present you the beta version of my “Fast Text Color” plugin, that allows you to finally comfortably color text in obsidian without having to resort to html tags.

You can find the plugin here.

This plugin offers a custom syntax for applying color (and other formatting options) that aims to mimic the existing obsidian syntax and integrate well with other markdown formatting options.

I created this plugin because i often find myself wanting to insert colored text into my notes but did not like the way that html tags behaved with the rest of obsidians syntax and the live editor and was looking for a more “integrated” way to color my notes.

Additionally the plugin offers a keyboardcentric aproach, allowing you to bind any key to a color so it can be selected via the keyboards after the color menu is opened. This makes it more convenient to apply color while writing.


The plugin is still in development and i want to add a couple of more features but right now i am looking for some initial feedback on the core concepts and any issues that might arise. Im am happy about all issue reports and or feature requests/ Ideas.

The beta is available via the BRAT plugin.