Text color in editor changed from black to red. How to get back the original color?


I was playing with the obsidian sample plugin. I am trying to learn Javascript and how to write a plugin. I did not do anything related to themes or colors. Just ran the sample plugin as described in the documentation And then removed some lines and reloaded the plugin. Suddenly the text color in the editor switched from black to red (I am using the “Light” base theme) in all my notes. I tried recover the original state by switching off the sample plugin in the plugin settings and closing and reloading obsidian, but I still have red text color in all my notes. What can be the problem? How can I get back the original black text color?

The sample plugin includes a sample stylesheet that colors all text lines to red.
Are you sure that you disabled the sample plugin?

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Thanks for the quick reply! I thought I did. But obviously I did not. I think the problem was that I had two versions of the sample plugin. So I only disabled the first one. It seems to work fine now :grin:

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