Text appearing different across operating systems with same fonts and formatting

The first image is on mac OS. The second is in Windows with the identical file and font. As you can see, the bold in Windows stands out more as it should but only after I found an extra light font to use as the base. After struggling to find a font that works to make bold words pop, it doesn’t work when viewed in the mac OS version. I can’t understand why. If the editor view is so inconsistent, I can’t optimise my settings for both platforms, and I have no idea what it truly looks like once exported.

can’t help you. There’s a number of things that influence this that are even out of obsidian’s control.

What font r u using? Also r u sure u have the bold version of the font is properly installed in both os? U can test that using other apps like word processor or the likes.



I needed to install the extra light style and its italic copy and then the same with the bold style. Obsidian recognises the extra light as the base layer and the bold style as its bold layer. Who knew?

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