Text Analysis plugin

I am working on a plugin for (customizable) text analysis with over 30 calculations over the highlighted selection or the whole document.

Before publishing it, I am looking for beta testers - people who have long-form articles in their Obsidian and care about qualitative analysis of the text. Please drop me a note and I’ll send you the sideloading instructions.

See two screenshots below - one with plugin of the whole document and the other one with calculation over a selection of text


Great Idea! What languages will be supported?

I have got long form articles - half a book - in one vault. Language: german

If you are using BRAT plugin (Beta Reviewer’s Auto-update Tool), add this repo:

If you want to test it manually (without BRAT), create a new directory (obsidian-textanalysis) in your .obsidian/plugins and drop in it two files that are published here - you need main.js and manifest.json.

By default all 31 analysis items are turned on - go to the settings of plugin (Settings - Text Analysis) and tinker with your own selection.

Few things to note:

  • you can turn the side panel on/off by clicking tye eye icon in the ribbon
  • you can resize the side panel by dragging the top of its title bar
  • the words and characters that Obsidian reports in its bottom right corner don’t always match what Text Analysis calculates; it is Obsidian’s algo that is wrong, it counts things that are not words (and sometimes things that are not characters). We can discuss why…

The majority of tests should work for all Latin letters languages. Some basic tests at the top of the list should work for all Unicode languages (but I didn’t test it yet).
Would love to hear which tests return rubbish scores when facing non-English (and even worse, non-Latin letters) text.

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