Text Analysis - new plugin

There is a new plugin that provides real-time text analysis and feedback, focusing on readability, structure, and style. The plugin integrates several well-known readability indicators, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the text. It is an essential tool for writers, editors, and educators who aim to improve the clarity and engagement of written content.

All analysis is performed locally, no text leaves your Obsidian vault. The plugin has its own settings to choose only analysis you want, clicking on the ribbon icon shows/hides the analysis panel.

Grab it from community plugin repo: Text Analysis and let me know if there are any issues or suggestions.



Wow, good work! Will be helpful for writing Blogs and Newsletters.

One Question: do you know if tools like Flesch, Gunning Fog … work just as correctly in other languages as they do in English?

Not an expert, but based on the formula for standardized complexity measures (number of syllables in words, number of words in sentences…) the results will be different and possibly incorrect for other languages.


I absolutely love this concept for the speeches, essays, and stories I write. I downloaded the plugin but have had trouble getting it to work. I enabled it and and activated all the features, but nothing loads, they all still show zero and the next time I log in all the features are deactivated again. Just curious if there’s something going on or I’m having trouble on my end.