Testflight vs App Store install of mobile app

Hello, I’ve been using the Obsidian mobile beta app through test flight (and enjoying it very much). Now that there is an app store version, does it contribute in any way to development/testing if I continue using the test flight version? Or should I just shift to the app store install?

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If you want insider builds of the mobile app, stay on testflight. If you want to use the public version, use the app store (that way you can also leave a review).

This might sound a bit ignorant in terms of how development works, but does using insider builds contribute to development (assuming I’m not a developer or person creating plugins)? Does that help remove bugs and improve features for subsequent public releases?

By using testflight you can spot bugs and help us improve the app that way, that’s correct.
And you have new features earlier.

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Thank you, Koala :slight_smile:

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