Templator challenge for updating notes in bulk

Hi. I have a template called: Topic Template.

I have made several revisions to it.

The problem is that I have created around 200 notes using that or similar template (with no changes - it’s a series of dataview tables so it’s dynamic).

  1. I update the Topic Template.
  2. Then I delete the note Shoes - v1 (the v1 of the Topic template applied to Shoes) and then simply type [[Shoes (topic)]]
  3. Since I’m using a base note, simply clicking on [[Shoes (topic)]] will create Shoes v2 (v2 because I have updated the Topic Template)

The issue is that doing that is a major pain 200 times. Also, I’m sure I’m going to update the template in the future, so this process will be never-ending.

Is there a way to update everything at once?

Thank you

If what you change is the queries, and not the markdown around the queries you could look into start using dv.view(), see Codeblock Reference - Dataview

It can extract the query part out of the page.

If you’re changing the markdown of the page, it’s a different matter. That can’t be changed as easily, as long as you don’t use embeds. And then it becomes a matter of how identical are your pages?

Another option, could possibly be to use some patch tool to apply differential changes.

Hmm… shame… it would be nice if there was a way to bulk delete and re-create a set of pages.

If you’re fine with actually deleting and recreating the pages, then you can utilise tools such as the Templater plugin to do that.

Build a for loop in a javascript execution, and off you go. Functions exist to both delete and create new files from within that environment.

I’m not sure what a for loop means. Can you please give me an example or a place where I can learn it.

So basically you don’t know any programming? In that case you need to go and do some introductory tutorials on javascript for starters.

A for loop is one of the basic building blocks of any(/most) given programming languages, and there are plenty of tutorials around on that topic.

Don’t think this forum is the place for that, though.

No, I know close to zero programming. Anything you’d recommend re learning javascript? I wonder how much effort is worth it just for this task?

I don’t know which resources are better for learning Javascript today, I learned it a few decades ago.

Is it worth it? Maybe not for you. You got to compare the time spent to learn javascript vs the manual labour. Not to mention, you might want to re-evaluate your use case.

Are you tackling the issues related to your topic template correctly? Is there a better way to deal with updating that in the dust place?

Sadly, it’s hard to give proper advice besides what I’ve already said, based upon the info you’ve given.

Would you be open to creating a script? I’d be more than happy to pay you for your time.

I’m balancing on a thin line trying to help out as best as I can in the time I’ve got, but I’m wanting to help people to solve as much as possible on their own. Don’t feel I succeed with that goal all the time, but I don’t want to do the work for anyone.

So no, I’m but going to write the script for you. I would suggest that you rather reconsider your approach, and see what you’re able to do and how you can do that.

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