Templates not working

I have followed all the steps of creating a template folder but the templates do not show up when I search for it? Anyone else faced this issue before?

Hi @Vivientai1012, can you share a bit more information?

What OS? What version of Obsidian? Can you show a screenshot of your template settings?

And what steps are you doing when you try to search for the template?

Hi there,

I’m using a Mac v10.15.7. The Obsidian version is v0.12.19.

To search for a template, I click “insert template” on a blank note but the template names do not show up.

For my template settings - I activated it in the plugins, and wrote the name of the template folder in “template folder location”.

I can’t seem to upload screenshots here, it just gets stuck on processing the upload.


  1. When you are typing the template folder in settings, do you see a little dropdown of suggestions? Just to make 100% sure the path is typed correctly?


  1. If you open up the developer console Cmd-option-i you can go to “Console”. Do you see any errors there when you try to insert a template?

Hi there, I managed to fix it - thanks for the suggestions!

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