Templates for New Notes

Yup! +1

I would argue against „one template per folder“ since not everybody uses folders to separate the notes. I just have a „zettel“ folder for all „finished“ notes which are already linked to other notes. Every note is first created in my root-dir and after it‘s finished moved to the zettel folder


Yes, I would argue against „one template per folder“, maybe for fast typing one mechanism to encode creating note from different templates in name of note, the template could be store in specific folder;

This behaviour could be implemented as separate plugin too

for example
[[My diary%%note_diary]]

will create note My diary.md following the note_diary template.

The syntax could be different, like typing == or any specific not so often used combination of characters, the characters could be even not allowed in note names so Obsian will then know that the action on the note is required and this is not the part of the note name

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Yeah +1 for templates everywhere !


This would be great. I have only been using this for maybe 5 days and it’s one the first things I felt was missing. I may just create some and “make a copy” from them to create my own templates.

I like templates too. I’ve developed a short-term workaround using the MacOS as described here. Maybe this could work for some of you until a more generalized template plugin is developed?

+1 for templates. I think this would greatly enhance the workflow.

+1 here too, I end up writing some of the same structural things all the time at the moment, would be great to have a template feature

That said I love obsidian, so big thanks to the devs!

Text expanders would do that for you with much more flexibility. You could even have one do a whole template if you wanted.


Yeah, that’s a good suggestion, thanks, I’ll take a look (I foget they existed, haven’t used one in a very long time)

Just like how Each entry in the daily Log has a default Template — I was wondering if it was possible to create a default New Page - One with Date and Time stamp already laid out neatly inside the page.


+1 for built-in Note Templates - that would be awesome.


1+ I copy paste a lot to make this work as is.

+1 for templates!

@hugochisholm Yes you can set up a template for the daily notes page. What would be nice would be to select templates for other notes. I am in the process of building a CRM using Obsidian and a template for this would be great as well as a search function for the graphics page. Well Xmas is coming soon

One simple thought on this … UI currently offers “Make a copy” on a right-click in the navigation pane. This puts the copy in the same folder, rather than in the folder specified in Settings as the folder for new notes.

If there were an option to “Make a copy” in the new note location (either on the right-click menu in the navigation pane, or forced for all note copies in the Settings), that would allow for a quick-and-dirty implementation of templates. Go to a folder where you keep your templates, right-click the template and create a copy that lands as a new note.


I feel like templates are incomplete, they could be used in various ways and not only we can choose template when creating daily file, we can also can be prompted when creating a ny new files.
So my main idea is ,
In a template we can put variable like “$d-$m-$y” this it will expand into current date. There could be so many types of variable like, for search some tag and count the number of occurrences “$searchCount(#todo)” or we can just get return search results in the middle of a file by typing “$search(#todo)”

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Yeah, some kind of template variables would be nice. At least for things like date.

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+1 here, love the daily notes template, would love to see this expanded for other notes


It could perhaps be something like how IDEs do code-snippets.

Maybe you can see a drop down of available snippets when you type a special character like ‘/’ with some customisable keys. For example /br would insert the code snippet for notes on a book that you’re reading:

I would imagine we create beforehand, a code snippet for book notes that already contains some sections and commonly used tags, and some macros. Something like:

# $highlighted
Started reading: [[$today]]
tags: [[book notes]] [[reading]] $cursor

# Summary

# Key points

# Things to look up

So to invoke the snippet you first type out the book title,
The book title, then highlight it and pressing / would show a dropdown next to the cursor of available snippets. By further typing ‘b’, and ‘r’, it would narrow the available snippets to the the above snippet by matching the pre-configured pattern /br.

Pressing enter would insert the text from the snippet and replace all the macros with relevant values. For example,

  • $highlighted would place the text that was highlighted while invoking the code-snippet (the book title).
  • $today replaced with today’s date (in the format specified under the daily notes plugin?)
  • $cursor is where the cursor ends up after inserting the snippet.