Generalization of daily notes and zettel Plugins

Currently Daily notes plugin and zettel plugin are separate and both have different features. It would be great if there was a plugin that allows people to create different files and each of them has these options

  • Type of Files
  • File Name (supports date format as in current Daily notes)
  • Folder Name (supports date format)
  • Template
  • Command (to specify what appears in the command pallette - can be prefixed with plugin name to avoid conflicts)
  • Side Bar Icon (Optional to show in sidebar) - Can optionally include some library from which we can choose the icons.
  • Enabled/Disabled
  • Shortcut (Optional)
  • Right Click Menu Option (Optional)

Maybe an add new row to add multiple such file creation options? This generalized plugin can supersede the Daily Notes and Zettel Plugins and have them pre-configured Enabled/Disabled based on current settings.

This will enable many use-cases like Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Plans without having separate plugins for them.

It might just be the solution for all “I want a template… for X” requests. If there is an option to specify all of the above then basically that can be used for anything. It can replace the new notes option also and give the possibility to specify template for it.


I second this idea. Would be extremely useful!

In the meantime, I am experimenting with using my MacOS template functionality and it appears (after limited testing) to serve as a short-term workaround.

To create a template: I’ve created a Templates folder in my Obsidian vault. In it, I create a .md file called SomeTemplate. From the Finder, I select the file, open the Info panel (command-i), and click on Stationery Pad.

To use the template, I have to open the Templates folder from the Finder. Double-clicking creates and opens (in Obsidian – I set that as the default app for .md files) a copy of the template in the Templates folder.

The drawbacks are substantial, of course, which is why this is a short-term workaround. For me, it seems disruptive to have open the Finder to do this. Mentally, it feels like I am leaving my Obsidian workspace and coming back to it. I suspect someone who uses MacOS automation tools could figure out how to open a template copy with a keystroke, but I’m not that guy :wink:

Also, I love the options @anshbansal includes in the OP list.


For the templates, I’ve been using Espanso to good effect - set up your template, then when you open a good note, just type the code and it fills in the text. That keeps me from having to “switch out” of Obsidian.


Thank you so much… i discovered espanso after reading your comment … it is so useful.


I got it from another comment on here somewhere, lost in time now. So thanks, whoever you were! :slight_smile: