Templates Can't be Added to Pandoc? (Mac OS Sonoma)

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I am a newbie when it comes to Obsidian and have been using it for roughly 3 weeks for academic writing. All goes well until I tried to generate papers with footnotes - the default pdf plugin that comes with Obsidian doesn’t place the footnotes at the bottom of each page but to the very end of the documents instead. In other words, all footnotes became endnotes, and that’s something that is not allowed under my referencing style.

On the recommendation of a good fellow in the Discord Academia channel, I installed the Obsidian Enhancing Export plugin together with Pandoc and Mactex, hoping that they would serve my intended purpose. And they do to a certain extent.

I have no problem generating docx and pdf documents using the default Pandoc and LaTex templates. However, I run into a very frustrating scenario, whereby I cannot add any additional templates nor can I locate those default templates for editing. I used the which pandoc and pandoc --version commands to locate the relevant user data directory.

Interestingly, no template I add to the directory provided by which pandoc works - the generation of pdf/docx files were terminated prematurely because the plugin could not locate the relevant template files. Meanwhile, the directory pathname that is provided pandoc --version, doesn’t even exist on my Mac, so I couldn’t possibly add any template file to that non-existent location.

I have spent 2 days looking for a solution online to no avail. There were couple of posts in the Obsidian Forum indicating the same problem, but none of them ever received a satisfactory solution. I am really at my wit’s end with this and would be the most grateful if someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you in advance.

The default path for placing the templates is in your home directory, as shown below -


Whereas, if the mentioned directory is not already created, then you can create by yourself & place the desired template in it.

mkdir -p ~/.pandoc/templates
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