Templater Syntax

I am attempting to do the following say I have my note title as +Project 1, I want to hard code into my Project Template an Alias that is just Project 1 (without the +)

I am trying to use tp.file.title and then remove the first character.

Any help in doing this would be great.

<%*+ tR += tp.file.title.slice(1) %>

(remove the + after <%* if using it in a template)

This is what I have

Tags: :gear:

  • <% tR += tp.file.title.slice(1) %>

Type: Utility / System
Status: In Progress
Title: <% tp.file.title %>
Creation Date: <% tp.date.now(yyyy-mm-dd) %>

<% tp.file.title %>

When I try applying the template it says Template Parsing error, aborting.

In tp.date.now(yyyy-mm-dd), the format must be a string. Upper-/lowercase also matters. Try

<% tp.date.now("YYYY-MM-DD") %>

Also please put code parts for the forums in code blocks, like

code goes here

Got it to work thanks a bunch. Is there a resource that would help with this, their online documentation said nothing about a slice command

You’re welcome. If you will, mark a solution so others know this has been solved.

The .slice() is just pure Javascript. You’ll find a lot of usable functions in the online Javascript docs (there are so many, like MDN or W3C).

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