Templater Suggester - Use Inline Metadata Values

What I’m trying to do

I want to use tp.system.suggester() to create a prompted suggester menu in which the menu item values are values from an inline variable from notes within a specific folder.

Let’s say I have folder: Projects

In Projects I have:

"Note 1"

Lead:: Paul
"Note 2"

Lead:: Bob
"Note 3"

Lead:: Paul

In a “Project Template” I want to include a tp.system.suggester() so I can choose the Lead for a new project note. I want the values in the menu to be all the values already specified as Lead in all other Project notes. So, in this case, the menu would contain Bob and Paul.

Ideally, the menu values would also contain a tp.system.prompt() (or some other mechanism) to select “Other” and enter a new value for Lead.

Things I have tried

I know it is possible to fill a menu with all the tags in your vault via something like:

<% tp.system.suggester(item => item, Object.keys(app.metadataCache.getTags()).map(x => x.replace("#", ""))) %>

But I can’t seem to figure out how to grab inline values.

I tried this solution to create the following:

const dv = app.plugins.plugins.dataview.api 

const result = await dv.query(` 
TABLE file.name, lead, 
FROM "Projects" 

if (result.successful) { 
const selectedLead = await tp.system.suggester(r => r[1], result.value.values) 
tR += JSON.stringify(selectedLead) 
} else 
dv.paragraph(`~~~~\n${ result.error }\n~~~~\n`) 

But no dice, I get a template parsing error.

Any thoughts?