Templater rename + use title on body

I’m trying to move a new file to a certain folder, then change it’s name from untitled to “Session (number) (date)” and then print that name on the body of my note

I mainly tried different iterations of a code that looks like this:
<%- await tp.file.move(“/folder/” + tp.file.title) %>
<%- tp.file.rename("Session " + tp.date.now()) %>
<% tp.file.title %>

Plus I haven’t been able to figure out how to keep track of the number of sessions using a variable.

I’m aware that it’s possible to create custom user functions but bear in mind that my knowledge of JS is very limited.

//Pop up a window to ask you to choose your subject
let Subject = await tp.system.suggester(["Subject1", "Subject2", "Subject3", "Subject4"], ["Sub1", "Sub2", "Sub3", "Sub4"], false, "Choose your Subject")

//Rename your note, add condition just in case you accidentally delete the note
let newTitle
if(tp.file.title.toLowerCase().includes('untitled')) {
newTitle = `${Subject}` + " " + tp.date.now("YYYY-MM-DD-HHmmss")
await tp.file.rename(newTitle)
else newTitle = tp.file.title

//Move the note to "Study/Subject/"
if(Subject !== null) {
let filePath = "/Study/" + `${Subject}` + "/" + `${newTitle}`
await tp.file.move(`${filePath}`)
Subject: <% Subject %>

# <% newTitle %>

Then turn on Templater’s Folder Templates function

whenever I create a note in the Study folder, it will use the above template.

I cannot get the “session-number” part working, but dataview plugin could help a bit, for example:

Table Topic 
where Subject = "Sub1"
sort file.cTime asc

it basically means

  1. for all your notes that have yaml field Subject equals “Sub1”, create a table for them
  2. add a second column for the metadata field Topic.
  3. sort them in ascending order based on their creation time

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