Templater Put Current Date In Title When Used

I know its a stupid simple question; but, for some reason, I’m not seeing an easy answer. I’ve looked at templater documentation for the tp.date.now() function as well as their page explaining syntax but I’m just not “getting it”. The things I try just aren’t working.

When I actually use the template I want it to place the current date in the title of the note (the same way daily notes does).

I’ve tried…

<% tp.date.now("MM-DD-YYYY", tp.file.title) %>


<% tp.date.now("MM-DD-YYYY", 0, tp.file.title) %>


<% tp.date.now("MM-DD-YYYY", 0, "tp.file.title") %>

But when I try using the template by doing ctrl + p, type “templater”, and then select “Templater: Create new note from template” the resulting note either fails to be created; or, in one of the commands I tried in the tamplate, places the date in the body of the note.

Can anyone help me get some traction with using Templater by helping me get started with this first template I’m wanting to make?

I got it. Sorry for the bother.

I saw this post: How to make title from template

and realized that the Templater functionality I’m looking for is in the file module: tp.file - Templater


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