Templater Problems and Replacing Templater Functions with Makdown

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I have recently started to learn a bit more about Obsidian, through the Templater and Dataview plugins, and through the implementation of an MOC system. After discovering the above concepts, I decided to restructure my old workflow by looking at how more sophisticated, ready-made workflows work, that I may try and imitate some aspects of them for my own use. To facilitate this, I decided to download an extant vault in the form of John Mavriks Templates and a pre-made IMF vault. One of the first issues I encountered when playing around with the Mavrik templates for weekly and monthly reviews was the inability to use the templater code in my notes, even though I had templater enabled. For example, the << [[<% tp.date.now(“YYYY-MM-DD” ,-1) %>]] || [[<% tp.date.now(“YYYY-MM-DD” ,1) %>]] >>
snippet doesn’t seem to reproduce the links to the notes to the previous and next day. Other templater links, such as [[<%tp.date.now(“YYYY”, -400)%>]] <== This Year ==> [[<%tp.date.now(“YYYY”, 400)%>]]
and [[<%tp.date.now(“YYYY”, -400)%>]] <== This Year ==> [[<%tp.date.now(“YYYY”, 400)%>]]
don’t seem to work either.

I am also having trouble understanding why Mavrik placed these templater scripts like so

Today’s Tasks

Refer to [[To Do’s (Tq)]]

ONE 1-2+ Hours Task:

  • [ ] <% tp.file.cursor(1) %>

THREE 30-60 Minute Tasks:

  • [ ] <% tp.file.cursor(2) %>

FIVE 10-30 Minute Tasks:

  • [ ] <% tp.file.cursor(3) %>

I have searched high and low (including the plugin documentation) but can’t for the life of me figure out what tp.file.cursor does, nor why it is not working when I use the template in which the above content is written. If anyone could provide some help, such as suggestions for how I can reproduce the above links in markdown if that is possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

This link should help a bit.

<% tp.file.cursor() %> is replaced by the cursor. A hotkey is used to move between cursor positions in numerical order. If the same number is used, it creates multiple cursors.

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