Templater plugin new syntax: Emulate {{tp_title_picture}}?

With the Templater plugin’s new syntax, I’m trying to emulate the old {{tp_title_picture}} behaviour (generate an unsplash.com image link based on the note’s title).

I tried both

<% tp.web.random_picture("1920x1080", "<% tp.file.title %>") %>
<% tp.web.random_picture("1920x1080", <% tp.file.title %>) %>

but it seems Templater cannot handle nested variables/functions.

Non-nested calls like

<% tp.web.random_picture("1920x1080", "Example") %>

work fine.

How would I do this? Or other “nested” Templater commands?

See also: New Syntax: No nesting possible? (Trying to emulate old {{tp_title_picture}}) · Issue #97 · SilentVoid13/Templater · GitHub


You don’t need to wrap the second call in <% %>

This should work:

<% tp.web.random_picture(“1920x1080”, tp.file.title) %>


Wow, works fine! Thanks for the fast answer.

So can I assume every tp. variable/function gets expanded within the same set of <% … %>?

Yep exactly! Once you’re in a command block you can reference any command. Or even just plain ol javascript:

<% moment().now() %> for example.

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Now this opens a whole lot of new templating possibilities—well done!

Despite having to change my old templates, and the steeper learning curve, I quite like the new more structured approach a lot. Thanks for this!

Just to make things a little more complete, here are my replacements for some often-used “old style” Templater calls:

Old style New Syntax
{{tp_title}} <% tp.file.title %>
{{tp_date}} <% tp.date.now() %>
{{tp_time}} <% tp.date.now("HH:mm") %>
{{tp_random_picture}} <% tp.web.random_picture() %>
{{tp_title_picture}} <% tp.web.random_picture("1600x900", tp.file.title) %>
{{tp_daily_quote}} <% tp.web.daily_quote() %>
{{tp_cursor}} <% tp.file.cursor() %>

This list is not complete, just the ones I used most often. Maybe it helps someone with the changeover from old to new syntax.


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