Templater plugin bug?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Helloo, i’m trying to use templater to auto-add a template when creating a note. The command i’m using is
<% tp.system.suggester([“book”, “movie”, “generic”, “zettelkastan”,“friend”,“assignment”,], [tp.file.include(“[[Book template]]”), tp.file.include(“[[movie template]]”), tp.file.include(“[[generic template]]”),tp.file.include(“[[zettelkastan template]]”),tp.file.include(“[[friend template]]”),tp.file.include(“[[assignment template]]”)]) %>
It works, however the commands within the template files also run when i activate this note and i’m not sure why. E.g. i run the command, it asks me for book titles and names which are commands in the ‘Book template’, not the current note in which the big command is in. I’m very sleepy and unsure why this is happening, any help is appreciated very much. Thank you so much :))

additionally turning off ‘trigger template on new file creation’ also does not resolve this issue.

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