Templater not inserting template into the daily note created using link

Things I have tried

I searched for the solution to my problem with the Templater on the obsidian forum but couldn’t.

What I’m trying to do

I want the template set in the templater plugin settings for the daily note be inserted when the daily note is created with the help of Dataview as follows

="[[" + dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd") + "|Today's daily]]"

It creates the link for today’s daily note in yyyy-MM-dd format.
When I click the link, it creates the daily note and opens it.
But this daily note is not created with the template I have set for the daily note in the templater.

This is equally true for the daily note created just by typing in the link as follows


I understand that the daily note being created here is not through the periodic note or daily note plugin and is being created on its own. That must be the possible reason that the note is not inserted with the template set by the templater.
How do I make the obsidian understand that this is the daily note and should be inserted with the prescribed template in the templater plugin?
Is there any other way to create a shortcut (in the form of a link) that creates the daily note with the template inserted?
Please help.

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I may be wrong, but the Daily Note plugin has its own syntax and capabilities. If it meets what you are looking for, you could create a Templater template that does what you are looking for and then have it be triggered via the Hotkeys for Templater plugin. This is just a little easier than using the Templater dialogs.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding your use case as to why you want to deal with the Daily note plugin.

Good luck!

Two things…

  • Hotkeys work only on PCs and not on mobile devices. On mobiles, we need to go through the whole circus of inserting the template and then replacing it manually if it doesn’t happen automatically with the help of the templater.
  • Templater does insert the set template in the daily note when created through either the DAILY NOTE plugin or the PERIODIC NOTE plugin. I used the Daily note plugin in the past, but now I have switched to the Periodic Note plugin. The TEMPLATER plugin works well with both and inserts the prescribed template into the daily note created with either of these plugins. But it doesn’t do it when the note is created either manually or using the dataview link as I have exemplified in my query.
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Makes sense. I hadn’t used Templater scripts within Daily note templates before. That will be interesting to try out. Thanks.

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