Templater (new/changed?) Syntax for Random Unslash picture *Size*?

The template random picture search syntax has always worked well for me until approximately two months ago. The syntax I’ve always used is:

<% tp.web.random_picture(“800x300”, “landscape”) %>

Recently, this search has not produced the appropriate size images or rendered those images as w=800, h=300. It does still produce images of tagged as landscape. The size of the images varies, and I’m not sure why that would be.

Has the syntax for templater queries changed where it pertains to image size or in-Obsidian rendering?

Has Unsplash changed its developer IPAs in a way where searching for random images by size is less consistent than it once was?

Am I the only person experiencing this outcome?

Any thoughts you have on the matter are welcome.

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Thank you, @CawlinTeffid for moving my post to the appropriate part of the forum and for re-tagging it.

I believe that I have discovered a change in templater that explains how and why the random picture process doesn’t work as it once did. Specifically, in newer versions of templater, the “fit=crop” element is not being added to the URL produced by the search. I do not know if this is a change to unsplash’s API or to how templater is running its random search.

Does anyone know?

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