Templater is inserting [object Promise] under text being rendered

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What I’m trying to do

I am trying to add ‘{{qotd}}’ to my template… But it keeps rendering statically in the template.
I had an idea to break up {{qotd}} into components that are assembled with the template is used.

let quote = "qotd"
let obrace = '{{'
let cbrace = '}}'
//add title
tR += "# " + tp.date.now("YYYY-MM-DD")  + "\n"
// assemble the qotd placeholder
tR += obrace + quote + cbrace  
// insert time template 
tR +=  "\n" + tp.file.include("[[T]]") + "\n"

It works, but it adds [object Promise] to the bottom

Thoughts on what could be going wrong?

For starters you need to do await tp.file.include(...)

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