Templater for transfer note

What I’m trying to do

I want to have a quickadd command to archive my note to specific folder.

Things I have tried

I looked up in the forum and found Templater: Rename a file and move it to a folder is really helpful.

I tried to extend it to use it with Quickadd and I also want to be able to specific the folder I am transfering the file to, so I come up with the following

<% await tp.file.move((mydes = await tp.system.prompt( 'Destination:', '01_inbox/', false)) + tp.date.now() + '-' + (mytitle = await tp.system.prompt( 'Name:', 'test name', false))) %>

The problem I have right now is that it asks for input twice before it does the transfer and renaming. And it also give me the error of “destination already exists”. Do you have any suggestions for the making it asking for the input only once?

I tried a few more thing and the problem is more related to how Quickadd works. I did the following with Quickadd.

Somehow it repeats itself and ask for input twice before finish the move command. Do you know how I can fix that? Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks.

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