Templater for Parent-Child Structures - Meeting-Minutes Workflow


FYI, this is a dupe of the readme over at GitHub.

What does it do.

This workflow helps to easily create meeting-minutes for project MOCs (I prefer to call them dashboards).

Why does it do it - Use-Case.

My usecase is to quickly be able to create project-related meeting-minutes so I can always jot down notes with minimal effort if colleagues or clients crash-call me. This increases the security of my knowledge about project work, facilitates better visibility of communications by sharing meeting minutes, and also makes it easier to hold stakeholders responsible by being able to document who attended what meeting when where more reliably.



What’s in the Bag :bacon:

The demo vault (zip) includes a basic structure. It works by having the new-meeting template keyed to ALT+N. The logic is such that it pulls the project frontmatter variable from the parent Tfile and sets it in the new file like so:

// set frontmatter project variable according to parent
let parent_tfile = tp.config.active_file;
let parent_cache = app.metadataCache.getFileCache(parent_tfile);
let project = parent_cache.frontmatter["project"];

Then it queries for a filename and concatenates the result with my preferred filenaming scheme. This way, the plain-text file stays useful, as also the filename contains a date and project-ID. This can of course be changed really easily.

OH. And it also moves the file to the project-subfolder for tidyness.

// create new filename
let variablename = await tp.system.prompt("Note Title");
let path = "/Projects/"+project+"/"+tp.date.now("YYYYMMDD")+""+project+"_"+variable_name;

//move file
await tp.file.move(path);

What’s Next? :man_shrugging:

  • :boom: creating a button to trigger the meeting-note creation
  • :boom: making the move action relative to the parent-file location and not hard-coded

Really, I have like 1000 ideas of how this can help me, as I have a few data structures that are hierarchical within my main vault, such as Author>Source relationships. I realize that strict parent-child systems aren’t helpful to broad-strokes thinking, but my mind is going the way of thinking about this like a database (in this case for meeting minutes, or lists of reading material and authors). I’ll think about where this might go in the future.

Contact :incoming_envelope:

You can reach out to me here or find me on the obsidian discord, or the GitHub of course.


Very interested, I need this! Any ideas on quick pdf Export scripts or workflows?

You can grab the code off github and modify it for yourself quite easily.

I’m guessing using pandoc for pdf generation is one good way to go?

This is great! I am waiting for Datacore, hoping it can accomplish what supertags can do in Tana. It is tedious to make all these workarounds and then change everything once the plugin releases.