Templater Folder Templates Not Working

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to use templates as specified in the Templater settings as the default for new notes in certain folders. I have the folders and templates and folder defined, but new notes created to do use the templates. I am able to manually insert the templates however.

Things I have tried

I have turned Templater on and off and restarted Obsidian multiple times.

I didn’t find much except dated material in reference to issues like this.

What do you have set for for Settings > Files and links → Default location for new notes?

Screenshot 2024-01-22 074913

If your new notes are being created in the vault folder, / neither of those templates will run. Try changing the above setting to same folder as the current file, and create a new note in your -Inbox or Quotes folder from another note already in either of those places. It should work then.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 080553


I have Settings > Files and links → Default location for new notes set to Same Folder as Current File but it still isn’t working on my Mac. I tested the functionality on my PC at work this morning (vault synced via Obsidian sync) and it DOES work as expected on the PC. Amy ideas on a next step to get it working on the Mac?

I also tested this on my iPhone and the notes created DID use the Templater settings for notes created in the specified folders.

The latest update to Templater seems to have corrected the problem.

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