Templater - Can the suggester show formatted lists?

What I’m trying to do

I’m using the AnuPpuccin theme, which comes with a list of custom checkboxes, similar to Kepano’s Minimal theme. I’m trying to create a Templater script that allows me to select a checkbox value from the menu, based off this code.

However, instead of showing the text string, e.g. ‘[i] information’, I’d like the suggester to show the actual icon of the checkbox.

Is that possible?

You can build your own suggester where each item is html formatted according to your liking, but I don’t think the tp.system.suggester() is capable of that.

You’ll need to venture into the realm of javascript, and using the suggester provided by Obsidian. If that’s not an issue, you can build suggester like the one below:

(Which is lifted from the CSS Editor plugin, where I’ve helped doing some changes to this particular suggester)