Templater Array Results - Linking to Specific Subfolders

What I’m trying to do

Hi all! I’m using the following Templater code to create an array that lists all the days in a given Month. Any existing Daily Notes properly appear in the array results. So far so good!

The problem arises when there is no existing Daily Note for a particular day in the array. When I click on the link of said array results, it creates an entirely new Note (under the Vault’s Root folder).

Instead, I would like to have the newly created Note properly be placed into the following subfolder: JOURNAL/DAILY NOTES.

The code so far:

<%* const currentDays = new Array(Math.ceil(moment.duration(moment(tp.file.title,'MM.MMMM').daysInMonth(), "days").asDays())).fill(null).map((x, i) => moment(tp.file.title,'MM.MMMM').startOf('month').add(i,'days').format("[[[]YYYY.MM.DD.dddd[ ]]]")).join(' | ') %> <%* tR += currentDays %>

I’ve tried searching this forum for answers, but to no avail. Hoping someone can help. Thanks!