Templated Prompts To ChatGPT

Hi everybody, here’s a showcase for my first plugin


The plugin is called “Prompt ChatGPT” and it sends automated responses to ChatGPT when you open a note.

The automated response uses notes from your vault as a template. I recommend writing a detailed template like the example I have on the GitHub link:

I want to delve deeper into {{title}}? Can you:
1. Provide a quick summary
2. Provide a YouTube video of where I can learn more
3. Show me articles or links I can read for more information

 Here is what I have so far: 

Here’s an example:

The problem it solves

This plugin is designed to reduce workflow friction at the start of your new project.

A lot of projects don’t get anywhere beyond the initial spark of interest because it can take a lot of motivation to get through the initial phase(s) of the project: specifically the research and investigation phase. Ideally, this plugin will reduce the friction at that stage.

ChatGPT is a good resource for finding sources to speed up the research and investigation phase. However, it’s not very useful if you don’t give it a good prompt. And regardless, the extra level of effort to come up with a prompt adds friction. So if you don’t have the motivation to write up a prompt, you won’t use ChatGPT.

This plugin aims to automate that part. Making it easier to get started on those low motivation projects.


You can download it here: obsidian://show-plugin?id=chatgpt-prompt

For more information, please check out the github link below. Thanks for reading!

Hi everyone, quick update about a bug I found:

  • There was a bug in which no response from ChatGPT was displayed in the chatbox.
  • This was only for users that installed the plugin from the community page.
  • It’s been resolved with a new version release, the main.js file I used for the old release was outdated.