Template variables - add ability to transform strings

Use case or problem

I have been using the Templates core plugin and am needing to transform the {{title}} text to be uppercase sometimes and thought it would be useful to have some common transforms available.

Proposed solution

Extending the template variables so they could be piped into some common set of transform functions, perhaps like one of the following syntaxes:


Current workaround (unknown to me atm)

I’m not sure of any current workaround. I suppose there is likely a more feature-packed community plugin that could do this, but the one I remember finding that was popular did more than I was looking for and I was wanting to keep with more of the core plugins when possible.

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Extended template strings would be great. My ideal use case would be something like {{date:YYYY-MM-DD+1}} for ‘tomorrow’ and {{date:YYYY-MM-DD-1}} for ‘yesterday’.