Template usage on MacOS 10.15.2

I’ve just started to use obsidian, so please correct me if I’m doing something wrong.
But, when I’m trying to insert template nothing is happening for me.

  1. Search window opens
  2. I put some text in it and it says that “No template found”
  3. But when I press enter to insert new one there is nothing happening, I just still see the window.

If I insert any file to template folder manually there is nothing happening when I press “Insert template option” or use the assigned hotkey.

OS: MacOS 10.15.2
Obsidian: 0.9.17

This may be a dumb question, but have you set the templates folder in the plugin’s settings?

Yes, I did in plugin options. Forgot to mention. It’s call “Templates” if it’ important.

Post some screenshots/screen recordings of the template plugin configuration and what you are doing.

Can you post a screenshot showing the files in your template folder?

I am afraid you don’t have any.

Yes, I don’t. I want to create new template and pressing Enter doesn’t work for me.

No, you first create a template as a regualar note in your templates folder and then you use that menu to create a note based on that template

But in that case I have another problem.
Suppose I have a template file which looks like:

If it’s closed when I use the hotkey or menu button “insert template” nothing is happening.
If it’s opened I have only this change:


Is it supposed to be in this way?

yes, Read the docs again.

Ok, I’ve what was wrong.
Thank you for help.