Template is applied on mobile when typing

Things I have tried

this bug makes mobile unusable for months, after some 10 ish line in a note a my templater Default / path template is applied to note

Screen recording of issue: https://imgur.com/a/ZGV7t0K

What I’m trying to do

Have this not happen again.

Turn on Settings > Community Plugins > Restricted Mode, then restart Obsidian. Does the problem still happen?

Then it doesn’t happen. It’s highly likely the Templater plugin. More specifically, template hotkeys. They somehow get triggered on mobile. But I use them a lot on desktop. Can’t I turn them off only on mobile?

What kind of Templater templates are you using? Normally Templater should only be run when you actually insert a template, with one exception and that is that you’re using some variant over the <%+ templates. This could be run, and re-run in some cases (both on mobile and desktop).

But all the “normal” template stuff, like <% or <%*, should just run once, and be done with it. Are you having dataview queries in the note you’re experiencing this with? Are you in live preview when this occurs?

I am in live preview, the template is this:

creation_date: <% tp.date.now("yyyy-MM-DDTHH:mm") %> 
publish: false