Template gallery/store (like in notion)

Use case or problem

There are so many use cases when using obsidian. So many different users have shared different templates with different plugins, themes and snippets.
If another user wants to use one of these templates, he’ll have to set everything manually, which makes working with obsidian quite hard without having prior knowledge about plugins and settings … etc

Proposed solution

Create a store in the obsidian settings (like the theme and plugin store) that includes official and community templates.

When using the chosen template from the store, everything will be set automatically :

  • download or update required plugins, themes and snippet (after a warning of what will change in the vault) ;
  • download the notes already structured and set to work without any or with minimal configuration.

Proposition for security problems

Given that this store might hold a lot of templates, moderation can’t be done, so maybe include a few options that might help :

  1. Let the user see the content of the template before installing
  2. Give a warning before installing, or don’t let the user install until he has reviewed the content of the template.