Teaching an old dog new tricks: Evernote to Obsidian with Properties (Version 1.4.3 (Installer 1.3.5))

Hi folks …

I’ve finally taken the plunge in synthesizing my PKM into Obisidan from Evernote, Confluence and GDrive.

I’ve discovered yarle-evernote-to-md (thanks to Akos Balasko), but I’m struggling to format my exported notes correctly. The Obsidian properties don’t appear as properties, despite the naked .md file headers looking almost identical.

  • Has anyone else experienced using this method of importing?
  • If so, what config settings did you use?

I think my issue is to do with the template syntax. Any pointers to help me out will be gratefully received.

I’m using:

  • Obisidian Version 1.4.3 (Installer 1.3.5)
  • yarle-evernote-to-md desktop app Version 5.3.1 (5.3.1)

It’s impossible to say without an example of your output files, but if I had to guess the exporter is adding a # before the properties, which would mark them as YAML comments

Could you post an example of an exported note?

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Thank you @akos0215 for your swift response and for creating an updated release to work with the new Obsidian properties… :pray:

For anyone else migrating away from Evernote, head over to https://github.com/akosbalasko/yarle

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