Tasks query troubleshooting

What I’m trying to do

I use the tasks plugin to manage tasks throughout my entire vault as I go about my day. Most notes I create in a day will contain a task which I manage with links and tags.

One specific query which I use regularly is to query all tasks where a specific [[link]] is present in the description. It looks like this:

not done
description includes [[link]]
sort by due

Now this has worked flawlessly for weeks and I haven’t seemed to have any issues.

Today, I had a meeting and added some notes including the [[link]]. There really wasn’t anything special about this. But the query would not pull these two specific tasks.

Here is the md:

Actions and Outcomes

  • Asked [[link]] to have interviews scheduled by tomorrow. :hourglass_flowing_sand: 2024-01-05 :date: 2024-01-11 :heavy_plus_sign: 2024-01-04 #tag
  • Finalized Equipment List. [[link]] #tag :date: 2024-02-12 :hourglass_flowing_sand: 2024-02-09 :heavy_plus_sign: 2024-01-04

Now notice that 3 hashes - they are truly a part of this note and appear to be the key to this problem. This appears to prevent the query from executing. When I copy the tasks below this — they will be seen by the query. But when I leave it as is here, they are not seen by the query.

I’m certainly no expert, but is there a reason for this? Is it a bug or is it my poor understanding of something within the markdown syntax?

Things I have tried

I tried:

  1. recreating the tasks entirely above the — and it did not work.
  2. Double checking the [[link]] was accurate. did not work.
  3. Copying the tasks entirely to another note. DID work
  4. Executing the same code using a different [[link]]. did not work.
  5. recreating tasks entirely below the — DID work

Thanks for your thoughts,

Hey @WhiteNoise, I noticed you edited my post and recategorized it. The issue here is not a request for help as much as an identification of an issue.

Based on your edit, can I assume that this issue of the tasks query not working when there is a line under the tasks is known? Assuming this is known, can someone tell me why this “—” prevents the tasks in a note from being queried?

I recategorized because we do not take bug reports involving plugins as explained in the bug report template.