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Hi. I am completely new to Obsidian and the tasks plugin. I am trying to create a task management system. I have been encountering problems with incorporating recurring tasks into my daily note.

My initial problem was being unable to query recurring tasks that I had set up. For instance I could not figure out how to get my ‘take out the trash’ task that recurs every day to show on my daily note. I succeeded by adding a scheduled day to my missing tasks and this seems to have done the trick. But I have some questions.

  1. Does this mean that a query will be unable to display a task that has solely recurring properties? If so I have to either establish a due or scheduled day on those recurring tasks to get them to show up on my query.

  2. After getting it to work I actually understood how the recurring task operates (by merely creating a new task every time the old one is done). But I was wondering if utilising recurring tasks for hypothetical tasks like “take out the trash” which are repetitive and do not require review is a bit overboard.
    I am entertaining the idea of merely moving these tasks onto my daily note template and then I can just physically remove/alter them on the template when I need to rather than manipulating them as tasks. This also removes the somewhat annoyance of eventually having a note with hundreds of completed daily recurring tasks which might increase to thousands if I have multiple daily recurring tasks. Have I completely misunderstood something here or has anyone got anything else to add?

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