Tasks Plugin not recognising query

What I’m trying to do

I have gone far and wide in search of a solution but I cannot find one at all. I watched this video and thought it was a great idea to implement into my vault.

Within the video, he describes using the Tasks plugin combined with the QuickAdd plugin and Natural Language Dates to ‘automate’ task management in obsidian.

As demonstrated in the video it appears to work smoothly and runs with no problems. However, I have encountered many issues when trying to recreate it.

I copied the exact code (- [ ] {{VALUE:task name}} :hourglass: {{VDATE:scheduled date, YYYY-MM-DD}} {{VALUE::arrow_double_up:,:arrow_up_small:,:arrow_down_small:,}} :spiral_calendar: {{VDATE:due date, YYYY-MM-DD}}) and the same formatting as shown in the video

(It also produces the same output when I delete the “[ ]”)

  • Every time a task is added through QickAdd it adds 2 of the same task.
  • When I query the data it does not show any tasks at all

My coding knowledge is extremely minimal and I have no understanding of what I am doing incorrectly or why this is not working.

Further, it doesn’t recognise the path used to query the data with or without “”, and this is also true with the #tasks tag.


This is the query I am trying to do (quite simple) and it does not work and produces 0 results. (This also does not work when writing “today” instead of YYYY-MM-DD
This is also true when deleting the “path” section

And this is the result of when i add a task, I’m unsure why 2 are added

However, when i call for all tasks using the simple ```tasks query and i do not add any fields i get the result shown below

Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated and i apologise for my lack of knowledge on this matter. if anyone has any solutions please let me know :slight_smile:

Try this and see if it helps.

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