Tasks plugin no due date filter

hey I’m new to this.

no due date

shows all my tasks (in my vault) without a due date and I do not want that. Is there a way to mark certain tasks and have only those show up in my no due date filter?
Sorry if this doesn’t make sense english is not my first language

If you are talking about the community Tasks plugin, here’s my query for tasks without a due date. Note that this is in a callout.

> [!No Due Date]-
> ```tasks
> path does not include Templates
> not done
> no due date
> sort by urgency
> sort by priority
> ```

okay this works similarly but I am wondering if there’s a way to mark certain no due date tasks and have those show up in my filter. i dont want every tasks i created in my vault to show up.

You have many options to add additional details to your tasks or query them based on implicit information such as heading, file name or folder. Tasks themselves can contain many information you can query such as priority, recurrence and tags. You should tell your specific use case if you want our recommendations how to “mark certain no due date tasks”. It can be done in several ways.

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