Tasks Plugin: How to add some custom properties to my task

Hi, guys. I want to add some new categories for my tasks and then sort queries result by them

  1. I want to add a boolean category mental complexity for things I don’t want to do when tired
  2. I want to add a category with value money. I want it to remember any numbers and show tasks with 1$ required above the ones with 100$ required
  3. I want to set my own priorities like emojis from one to ten instead of default system.
  4. I want these functions to be suggested by the plugin
  5. I’d like it not to add new tags because I don’t want to have too much tags because I use them

Please, if anybody knows if it’s possible and how to make this, help me. I’m a total noob in coding and the plugin’s user guide is too difficult-to-read.