Tasks Plugin Help-remove popup in view mode

What I’m trying to do

I’m not sure what the feature is called so I’ve been unable to search to figure out how to turn it off.

I have a dashboard note set up with a bunch of task queries to sort my tasks by a set of context tags. The actual tasks themselves are usually in a separate note that relates to a specific project. I am using the Tasks Plug-in but have not extended it or gone beyond the basics.

When I am in the view mode of my dashboard every time I scroll over a task a black with white text pop-up shows up that gives me the file where that task is located. I want to turn that off. If I need to get to the file I can click on the link symbol and it’s jarring to have that popup every time I am just scrolling down my dashboard note.

What do I need to look for and how do I turn that off?

Things I have tried

I’ve tried looking in the main Obsidian preferences, the Task plug-in settings and in my computer preferences and can’t find anything that seems like it will fix this. I’m on a Mac running Catalina.

I have also asked over in the Tasks discussion area on Github but no answers there yet.

This is the popup I’m trying to stop seeing.

Update. The problem is that the short mode makes that the default behavior. Only way to rmeove it isto have it be long mode and then the filename is in the task itself and so it’s much longer. There may be a possibility of remvoing it via CSS but I haven’t figure that out yet.

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