Tasks plugin: Cannot sort by priority when grouping. Custom grouping help?

I’m using the tasks plugin (no dataview), I have my tasks grouped by heading, but I would like to sort them by priority. The way it’s currently working with my code below is that the tasks with high priority will go on top of their own group, but the groups do not get rearranged accordingly. Therefore I have groups sorted alphabetically, and within those groups the tasks are sorted by priority. The priority of a task does not influence the sorting of each group… and the end result is that tasks with high priority are still often buried down.

I’d like, instead, the tasks with high priority to take over and to be placed on the top of the list, no problem if this would mean moving the whole group altogether with all the other tasks.

Is this possible?

I’ve tried this with no success:

(scheduled date tomorrow) OR (due on tomorrow) 
not done 
sort by priority 
group by heading 

I’ve seen that it is possible to create custom groups with something like this group by function task.priorityName +' priority' but how to do that for grouping them by heading + priority?

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