Tasks plugin & callout header count

I have built a tasks summary page using the great Tasks plugin.

Where I need to talk to specific people to complete a task I include their name in the task e.g. [[John Doe]]

Because I don’t need to see these tasks often, I wrap them in a collapsed callout, like this …

> [!tldr]- Tasks: [[John Doe]]
not done
description includes John
short mode

It looks great.

I have two questions:

  1. If I have more than one colleague called John, how do I query their full name with a space in the tasks query, e.g. “John Doe” or John Smith"?

  2. Because I don’t need to expand the callouts often, It would be fabulous if the collapsed call-out title could have the usual text string PLUS a count of the number of tasks (and nothing else) that match the task query within each callout. How might I achieve this?


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