[tasks plugin] Ability to put priority of task (and other task attributes) at the beginning of task description

What I’m trying to do

I like to put my task priorities at the beginning (see attached picture) when I’m creating a new task. This way I can quickly evaluate whether something is wort doing without having to search for the tag emoji in the varying lengths of my task descriptions.

Now here’s the issue. The tasks plugin will only recognize the task priority of the emoji is placed AFTER the task description. Notice how all my tasks have been grouped as “normal priority”, and how the priority emoji is recognized as part of the description.

Here’s the code that produces this ^^ result:

group by priority
due today
no tags
not done

I don’t think these emojis are that widely used anyway to cause any conflict with people’s descriptions. It could be a nice feature to recognize these signs anywhere in the description, or at least in the beginning AND and the end.

Here’s another screenshot to show that the date attribute also doesn’t work when put at the beginning:

I think it would be better if you posted a feature request in the issues on the plugin’s github instead. That’s usually where ideas are put to inspire the plugin’s author, so he can see them more easily too and can follow them more easily.


Will do. Thanks!

Hi, maintainer of Tasks here…

so he can see them more easily

… or she …

A report was created:

I’ve added a comment to it, with links to the relevant bits of the documentation, and to the existing request we are tracking this known limitation in.

It would indeed be lovely to remove this limitation from Tasks, and I’m sure it will happen at some point.

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