Tasks in dataview list are not shown in the same line

I am to dataview in obsidian - I could not find a topic like mine.

I trying to list my tasks with dataview from a folder via this:

FROM "Gemeinde"

But it is always looking like that:

The “Test-task” in the note looks like this:
“- This is a test! :date: 2023-08-29”

I’ve looked in all options and the plugins I’m using and tried a test-vault with dataview-examples, but I couldn’t figure out, what I’m doing wrong.

Could you please help me?

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The checkbox character looks unusual, although that might just be a peculiarity from the forum.

What does this syntax render like?

- [ ] **🗓️ 2023-08-23** this is a task

In Dataview it looks like this:


And in the note, where I’ve copied it, it loos like this:


So in the note every task looks normal. When I use dataview to show every task of the notes in the folder it changes.

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I’ve found the solution.
The RTL-Plugin for hebrew text caused it. It turned it off and now everythings looks as it should.
Thank you for your help @anon63144152!

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Great to hear you found a solution. Good sleuthing at your end. :mag:

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