Tasks in daily note performance question

I’ve been thinking about adding tasks to my daily notes template. Things like cleaning or watering flowers and such. These are tasks that are not meant to be completed everyday. I then have page that show how many days it was since I last did something.

But I was wondering, if having a bunch of uncompleted tasks in my daily notes, that are going to just continue growing over time, is going to effect performance? I’m using dataview and tasks plugins for the feature. Or is this a really bad idea?

Are there any other suggestions on how to do something like this in Obsidian?

Yes. In general using community plugins can cause different types of technical issues including performance issues. You don’t get much user support for using community plugins—hence it’s always a good idea to use dedicated software which offers user support.

Obsidian can embed search results which targets tasks:


You can then check tasks when you turn off “Require ⌘ to trigger page preview on hover” in editing view (Settings–>Page preview).

You can also embed task lists from other notes, see this.

It remains to be seen how well Obsidian will function as a task manager.

Whether you use core plugin/functionality or third party stuff, if you increase the search base the payload will increase. One easy way to tackle this is to spread your daily notes out into a folder structure. This would ensure that even after many years you’ll always just search through a smaller subset of your data.

In other words given that you store your daily notes (or task origin) to something like yearly/monthly folders it shouldn’t be a problem to have a fairly large amount of tasks within those notes. You just needs to do a little maintenance every now or then so it is “safe” to only look into current year/ month for current tasks.

Thank you for the tips, I will try it and see how it goes. I will definitively change so that I have daily notes in sub folders. I had thought about it, but not gotten around to do it.

Was also thinking of maybe writing a small python script to go through old daily’s and remove all the tasks.