Tasks due "today" based on Daily Note, not current date?

I’m trying to include a section in my daily notes for tasks due on or before the date of the note.

I can do it easily enough like this for today:

not done
due before 2022-07-01

However, I have to manually change the date to the day after the daily note to catch everything.

Is there a way to say:

“due before the date of this daily note + 1”

That way, it can just be an automatic part of my template instead of me needing to tweak it each time.


Absolutely! How you write this will depend a little on which plugins you use and how the “date of this daily note” is stored.

Here’s an example for Templater plugin and the daily note filename being “YYYY-MM-DD”.
due before <% tp.date.now("YYYY-MM-DD", +1, tp.file.title) %>

Here’s an example if you use Periodic Notes, Calendar, or another one of @liam 's plugins:
due before {{date+1d}}

Do these help? If not, what do you use for your templates and how is the “date of this daily note” kept track of?


Thanks for that! I appreciate your help.

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due before tomorrow


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