Tasks due between 2 dynamic dates

I’m trying to extracts a list of uncompleted tasks between today and Friday, but I want the dates to be dynamic.

I’ve created the following query

not done
WHERE due >= date (tomorrow) AND due <= date (Friday)
sort by due
sort by priority
sort by path

I get the following error message:

Tasks query: Could not interpret the following instruction as a Boolean combination:
WHERE due >= date(tomorrow) AND due <= date (Friday)

The error message is:
All filters in a Boolean instruction must be inside one of these pairs of delimiter characters: (…) or […] or {…} or “…”. Combinations of those delimiters are no longer supported.
Problem line: “WHERE due >= date(tomorrow) AND due <= date (Friday)”

I’m not managing to resolve this problem no matter where I set parentheses.

Is it even possible to do what I’m trying to achieve?

Appreciate any support that can be given.

For starters try removing the spaces betwen a function name and the parameters. Like don’t do date (today), but date(today).

Secondly, are you trying to write a query for dataview or tasks? What are you using to start your code block.