Tasks, Calender, Tables like Amplenote

Hi guys,

i found this on youtube: 10 Reasons Why This Note App is the Ultimate Productivity Tool! - YouTube
and it did feature a lot of things i would like to achieve with my obsidian. I’m depending of obsidian because of the flashcards plugin (by alex colucci) but i would like get my vault to offer this 3 things of the video:

  • tasks + a quick way to add tasks with my iphone
  • a two way sync google calendar (supercool would be the ability to make obsidian list upcoming events from one specified calender of my google account)
  • a way to quick capture thoughts, links, pictures etc (especially with my iphone)
  • clean tables like in onenote or in amplenote - without the need of a titlebar but the ability to add columns and lines.

If you know a plugin or a way i could achieve one or more of this things i would be really happy.
I appreciate your help.


OMG! Just seeing Amplenote also…and really like…but can’t use for exact same reason…need flashcards!

Have you made?

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