Task plugin and reminder plugin

so when writing a check box, the task plugin auto populates with the calendar emoji. HOWEVER i want to use this with the reminders plugin and I have no idea how to get the clock emoji (which is used to signify the time when the task is due) to auto populate and i’ve been copying and pasting but it’s kind of annoying.
How do you guys get around this?

I was also looking for how to have the auto-suggest show the clock emoji. So far I’ve only found other versions of this question, not the answer.

I think there’s a way to do it using QuickAdd (which is pretty high up the plugins list in terms of number of users): Quickadd - Tasks User Guide - Obsidian Publish which I’ve read but haven’t had time time to fiddle with.

It is a little odd that the clock is referenced in the docs but doesn’t seem to be in the official command to create a task… makes me think I’m still missing something, like a setting somewhere.

For now I’ve turned off “distinguish between reminder date and due date”, which kinda works as I don’t use due dates much.

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